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  • Paul Sturgess ALS Challenge

    ALS: Amyoteophic Lateral Sclerosis~ Lou Gehrig’s Disease is a motor neuron disease. Although the cause is unknown, the CT Chapter is a national non-profit health organization dedicated solely to the fight against ALS

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    What is the Challenge?
    Join us during the month of April for a challenge to get in shape the best way you know how along with donating to the ALS Association, Connecticut Chapter to fight for a cure. Donation can come from yourself or you can also get others to donate to this worthy cause and support your fitness goal for the month. This challenge is an important event for a great person and a much needed cause, so please get involved and think positive thoughts for Paul during your workouts. Together, we can all make a difference in someone’s life whether you are exercising or supporting this cause with our pledged amount.

    How to take the Challenge?
    Fill out the form below and being your workouts. Recorded your progress from April 1st – 30th. Set a goal!

    What does your donation do?
    Your donation will go directly to the CT Chapter of ALS to support research programs for a cure.

    All participants will receive an official “Paul Sturgess” Bracelet. Those individuals raising more then $35.00 will receive a t-shirt*